Who We Are

Protect US Fishermen is an informal coalition of organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to raising awareness of threats to oceans, marine ecosystems, and commercial and recreational fishing. It was developed when a group of concerned seafood harvesters, processors, environmentalists, recreational fishermen, scientists, marine suppliers, communities, and individuals united with a shared goal to support responsible offshore floating wind (OSW) development off the Pacific Coast.

The coalition stands willing to share our knowledge about ocean ecosystems and current ocean uses to create innovative, effective solutions for responsible offshore energy development that avoid significant impacts. There are opportunities for mutual wins. However, it must be recognized that OSW development is an ocean use that will conflict directly with long-standing, multi-generation fisheries and the sustainable, primary food production they provide. OSW also has the potential for significant impacts on marine habitats, biodiversity, and physical oceanography. Long-standing research surveys that provide the foundation of sustainable fisheries management will also be displaced by OSW development, leading to increased uncertainty in fisheries science and management processes. Under the precautionary principle of fisheries management, this uncertainty translates into reduced harvests.

Because of our experience in how federal fisheries are managed (that is, via a stakeholder-driven, regionally-based, bottom-up approach mandated by the Magnuson-Stevens Act), we believe the current BOEM process is severely flawed because current ocean uses are not a primary consideration nor are critically important environmental and economic analyses performed early in the process. We are lending our voices and our resources to bring about a heightened awareness of this flawed process and the solutions that are possible.

Our coalition members include:

Brandon Moss

Offshore Wind Farms

Sustainable Fisheries

Economic Impact